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Compelling Features of WASHHOUSE

Learn about the pioneering approaches we are taking to design and construct a new business mechanism.

Company Information

All of our approaches are based on the customer's point of view. We will continue to be an entity truly needed by society.

All of the actions we take are based on the customer's point of view.
A non-complacent attitude towards technological innovation and product development is crucial.
By staying open to innovation, we hope to construct a global standard without being hung up on conventional ideas and business practices.
And by constructing a global standard, we believe that we can be truly needed by our customers. We want to be a company that grows not from profits, but from the reliance of its customers.

President and Representative Director Yasutaka Kodama


Company Name
WASHHOUSE Co., Ltd. (Security code: 6537)
Date Founded
November 28, 2001
President and Representative Director Yasutaka Kodama
Head Office
86-1 Shin-ei-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki prefecture 880-0831
Phone: +81-985-24-0000
FAX: +81-985-24-0099
Investor Relations +81-985-78-4000
995,905 million yen (as of Decemver 31, 2021)
Number of employees
95 (as of Decemver 31, 2021 / Consolidated / excluding directors)
Business Activities
Plan, develop, and operate remotely managed coin-operated laundry stores
Number of stores
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  • Establishes KDM Co., Ltd.
  • Simultaneous opening of WASHHOUSE stores (Jyogasaki store, Oshima Tsusen store: Miyazaki city, Miyazaki prefecture)
  • Enters the coin-operated laundry business
  • Advances into Kagoshima prefecture
  • Establishes Limited Liability Intermediary Corporations All Japan Coin Laundry Management Association
  • Obtains a business method patent (Coin-operated laundry management system: Patent number 3520449)
  • Opens the first company store (Aoba store: Miyazaki city, Miyazaki prefecture)
  • Starts trial operation of an information station (touch panel terminal
  • Advances into Fukuoka prefecture
  • Advances into Oita prefecture
  • Changes the company name to WASHHOUSE Co., Ltd.
  • Advances into Kumamoto prefecture
  • Opens a Head Office and Fukuoka Branch
  • Advances into Saga prefecture
  • Opens the Kumamoto Branch
  • Wins the Kyushu Entrepreneur Award
  • Obtains a business method patent (Coin-operated laundry management system: Patent number 4172043)
  • Opens the 100th store
  • Obtains a Chinese patent (Coin-operated laundry management system: Patent number 541344)
  • Obtains a Korean patent (Coin-operated laundry management system: Patent number 930450)
  • Obtains a business method patent (Coin-operated laundry management system: Patent number 4441796)
  • Advances into Yamaguchi prefecture
  • Advances into Hiroshima prefecture
  • Opens the 200th store
  • Opens the Oita Office
  • Opens the Osaka Branch
  • Opens the Tokyo Branch
  • Opens the Kumamoto Office
  • Opens the 300th store
  • Newly listed in the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Q-Board section of the Fukuoka Stock Exchange
  • Opens the Yamaguchi Office
  • Opens the Nagasaki Office
  • Opens the 400th store
  • Advances into Okayama prefecture
  • Advances into Kagawa prefecture
  • Advances into Ehime prefecture
  • Advances into Hyogo prefecture
  • Advances into Nara prefecture
  • Advances into Tokushima prefecture
  • Advances into Aichi prefecture
  • Begins a co-operative loan with The Miyazaki Taiyo Bank, Ltd.
  • Opens the 500th store
  • Selected as a regional future leader by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • Opens the Aichi Office
  • Establishes WASHHOUSE FINANTIAL Co., Ltd.
  • Advances into Chiba prefecture
  • Advances into Aomori prefecture
  • Advances into Saitama prefecture
  • Advances into Mie prefecture
  • Advances into Kanagawa prefecture
  • Opens the 600th store
  • Establishes WASHHOUSE (Thailand) CO,. LTD.
  • Developed a WASHHOUSE mobile laundry car for disasters.
  • Concluded "Agreement on Provision of Laundry Environment at the Time of Disaster" with Miyazaki Prefecture.
  • Advances into Gifu prefecture
  • Released the WASHHOUSE App.
  • Establishes WASHHOUSE Miyazaki factory
  • Obtains an adverting business patent (Information Processing System: Patent number 6924337)